7 Tips for buying a pole dancing pole

Published: 28th February 2011
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When purchasing a pole dancing pole you should think of the reasons you want the pole and this will help you in your decision making process. You shouldn't rush into purchasing a pole since they are a smart investment which doesn't come cheap.

A quick rule to follow is this: Should the pole costs more than 110 it'll likely to be created for pole spins and tricks. If the pole is less expensive than 100 it is probably designed for moving about in a sensual way and not for advanced pole fitness moves. Please take into consideration the following so that you don't purchase a pole which isn't suitable for pole fitness. On the opposite hand should you simply wish for a pole for the bedroom which you can walk around sexily then you have no need to spend a lot of money either.

Decide upon the following few things prior to deciding to buy a pole.

Poles come generally in two diameters, 45mm and 50mm. 50mm is the industry standard in Britain whereas in Australia pole dimensions are 45mm. Some find it easier to train on a pole which is smaller in size however it is much easier to work with a pole that is smaller in diameter than use a bigger one.

Poles can be created from chrome, stainless steel, brass or titanium. Brass enables better grip, the titanium on titanium coated poles has a tendency to disappear with heavy use. Chrome poles are incredibly popular.

Poles can either be fixed or removable. Fixed poles are permanently connected to the floor and ceiling. These poles are ideal for individuals with high ceilings or pole dancing schools. Removable poles may be either semi removable or totally removable. Semi removable poles possess a permanent attachment to the ceiling, the pole may be removed for storage however the ceiling mount remains. Completely removable poles do not have any permanent mountings and are tension mounted.

Portable poles:
A few of the tension mounted poles are also portable poles too, they're 2 pieces which are stuck together. Meaning that you could pop them inside your car and move from location to location with them. Other portable poles are free standing and they have a base, they usable pole size is around 3m. The former pole is the cheaper of these two options. The later being mainly for exhibitions.

Poles may also be static or spinning. Those with the spinning can be either spinning or static at the move of a nut. Static poles are just static.

There are 4 brands of poles that would be suitable for pole fitness on the market.

Lastly: Find a shop to purchase the pole from.Do you want to Purchasing a used or perhaps a new pole from eBay or classified adds If you're obtaining a second-hand pole search for someone who got their pole from a reliable source and has used it themselves, maybe they are pregnant, fallen out of love with the pole or moving . Question them where they got it and why are they reselling it.

Try to collect the pole yourselves instead of having it delivered because there are a volume of artificial poles available. Ensure you inspect the pole before you buy it.

Have fun with your pole hunt! Remember buy cheap buy twice. If you are interested in a pole to do tricks on obtain a endorsed make.

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